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Our multicultural leaders have deep start-up and enterprise experience, with networking and web development.


We take great pride in our market leadership position, thanks to the hard work of our incredibly talented.

ONE STOP Solution

We Provide single point of solutionfor your website development, design , cyber security and marketing demands.

Get Right IT Solution for your Business

Managed IT Services Built For Your Business

Whoops Tech Pte Ltd is one of the leading IT Solution Provider companies in Singapore & Malaysia With 16 years of combined IT experiences. We are and focusing on providing IT solutions, Outsource IT Support, IT Maintenance, IT Security and Network Infrastructure for corporate and enterprise clients. Whoops Tech mastered the skills of understanding business requirements irrespective of the industry they serve. Our clients vary from tiny start-ups to larger corporations who wish to take their business higher.

We’ve helped entrepreneurs secure their data, build effectiveness and productive solution without the needs of extra payout

IT Support Service | Backup Solution | Firewall | SD WAN | Wireless Solution | Data Center | Hosting | Web Site | M365 | Microsoft Office

What's Whoops Tech Delivering

We focused on providing reliable IT Support Services, Cyber Security and Product from various brands and always provide our best commercial and support to our customer and partners.

We have highly-tailored IT Solution

Our Services

Whoops Tech provide IT Solutions in Singapore & Malaysia that offer expertise in Networking, Cyber Security Data Backup Storage and management services.


Software / Hardware such as Microsoft 365 , Ubiquiti, Firewall, Lenovo , HP and Click here to view more


Includes Certified Microsoft Licensing, Adobe, AutoDesk and more.

Custom Software

Build software that come out with your idea for your business. More details check here.

Cyber Security

Help your Organisation to prevent Data leak and stolen from cyberthreats and protect your website from cyber security threats.

Web Development

Develop website that responsive in every single devices and provide support & maintenance. Read More Here.

Next-Generation Firewall

Protect your Organisation with powerful network security from (NGFW) Network. Fortinet Fortigate

Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution

Your business data is the most valuable asset residing on your IT systems.

Server & Storage

Design and Deploy the best combination of Server and Storage for your Organisation and Enterprise.


Virtualization can increase IT agility, flexibility and scalability while creating significant cost savings.

IT Services & Maintenance

Save your IT manpower cost by outsourcing IT maintenance and support services to us.

IT Audit Compliance

IT audit is essential to ensure that your system is not vulnerable to any attacks.


We provide HASSLE FREE service to your website and business!

High Quality IT Support Service to Keep Protect your business and get peace of mind on security issues.

IT interruptions grind your business to a halt and these IT elements are critical to your success.

IT support is not just about fixing problems, it’s also about working with our clients towards a goal of seamless integration between yourself and your workstation.

Market Leading IT Specialist (On-site / Remote)

Providing your business with professional End-to-End IT Support Services for any purchased Products and Services from a highly qualified team of engineers is just one element of our comprehensive offering.

Contact us by Walk-In or Email. Free Consultations for your business plan.

We provide IT solution | IT maintenance | Outsourced IT support | Remote IT support Service in Singapore & Malaysia
Remote IT Support Services

Whoops Tech IT support engineer uses a secure login tool that allows a technician to check out your computer from another location and it’s as if they were sitting at the keyboard. It’s less expensive than “in person” support. It’s completely secure. Remote support can be used for a wide variety of support issues

Outsourced IT Support Services

Outsourced IT support is when you place your trust in an MSP (managed services provider) to handle all of your business’s IT. This can include IT infrastructure, cybersecurity, network monitoring, cloud migration, disaster recovery, and more.

IT Audit Compliance Services

An IT audit is essential to ensure that your system is not vulnerable to any attacks. The main objective of an IT audit is to evaluate the availability of computer systems, the security, and confidentiality of the information within the system, and if the system is accurate, reliable, and timely.

IT Consulting Service

Improve your IT management systems that will work towards growing your business. Whoops Tech IT Consultants can evaluate, design and execute the right technology strategies that will help your business operate at peak performance.

Fast Responsive

Our Professional IT Staff will contact you within one day after receive enquiry from you and the consultation is FREE! 

Feel free to ask us for more info and we are ready to serve you!

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IT solution support service in Singapore and Malaysia | Virtualization | System integration | Networking | Firewall | Cybersecurity | Antivirus | Remote IT Support Services

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