Custom Web Design

Step 1


Read your business requirements and goals, and strategic planning to align your business objectives before start web development process. Collect the data regarding your target audience and demographics.

Step 2

Design & Development

Graphic design of the UI, define the information architecture and wireframing. Develop customises website with HTML, CSS and JavaScript coding.

Step 3

Testing & Deployment

Check the website prototype. Rigorous quality testing for quality assurance and bug fixing. Your custom website is ready for deployment.
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Choose Whoops Tech for Your Web Development​

Customized Package

Option for custom web development services gives you the opportunity to pay only for those functionalities that you require. So, there is no bank breaking budget, and you can easily plan your money timeline prior to the development phase.


An unprotected website is a security risk to customers, and can spread a malware. A website created by our website developers is highly secure. Customers have a peace of mind that the site can be trusted and the information is safe.

Reasonable Price​

We build Your WEBSITE with a reasonable price. Get a FREE Consultation from US NOW



How can I enquiry?

Click HERE to submit an enquiry and we will contact you soon.


How is the workflow?

After FREE Consultation, we will start to planning, design , web development , debugging , testing and deliver to YOU.


Does It work in different device size?

It’s totally responsive in mobile, tablet and desktop in all sizes and different platforms.



We not only provides web development, we do also provide services to protect your website from cyber security threats.